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How to maximize the space in your home

Using the space in your home effectively is important, especially when space is limited.

From small apartments to bijou homes, here are some tips to maximize the space in your home and all can be done relatively cheaply (added bonus!)

Choosing to hang your curtains from the ceiling rather than from the walls  creates the illusion of a higher ceiling, whilst the floor length curtains also add an element of drama.
Using multipurpose furniture is a key element to utilising the space in your home. In this example a table is also used to store paperwork. Another example would be a stool which can also be used as a side table.
Using a light colour on the walls and ceiling, is a great way of creating the illusion of more space. Hang artwork or colourful textiles to add interest.
Utilize the full length of your room for added storage.
Mirrors are a fantastically easy and inexpensive way of creating the illusion of more space in your home. A large, ornate mirror can also add an elegant, distinctive look to an area.
Choosing furniture with legs is not only a practical choice (easy to clean under) but it also gives the illusion of space.


Add Instant Glamour to your home in 5 Simple Steps

Step 1- Add a large plant to your living room (The larger the better as it creates drama whilst also looking great!)

Step 2- Hang a huge mirror (Ornate to add more glamour or you can transform an old mirror with a lick of regal,  gold paint, or fashionable rose gold) It doesn’t have to be expensive either. You can pick them up quite cheaply in second hand shops and gumtree too!

Step 3- Either add a dark colour to you walls or your floors. (If you opt for dark walls and dark floors, you may find the space slightly oppressive). If you haven’t got the added bonus of natural light, then do not fret, down lights can create much needed light where absent. Note; Dark flooring creates added depth and warmth to a room.

Step 4- Add gold accents. Whether its a side table, candlestick or picture frame, gold screams glamour and opulence and if you find it too ostentatious then why not try the less formal, rose gold.

Step 5-Velvet. Yes, the luxurious fabric that feels as fabulous as it looks. If your budget doesn’t extend to replacing your sofa, then add the odd throw or cushion for that added textural dimension.

Please send us your pics of your glamorous  homes so you can help inspire others 🙂