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Spring Ideas With A Difference!


Spring is definitely in the air, so with the longer evenings comes more natural daylight.
The fashion for scandi minimalism and light decor (to maximise the appearance of space) in the the home is definitely as popular as ever, but there is a moody, dark alternative that has also been gaining popularity in recent years.
Dark interiors create mystery and a feeling of being cocooned and protected, which explains why so many are opting to go to the dark side. You have to be brave when choosing darker shades in your home so a tip is, to dip your toe in the warmth of darkness by starting in one room. Once you have decided on your preferred shades of dark (grey, navy and amethyst to name a few) then be bold and dive right in.
Another tip is to also paint the skirting and paneling in darker shades. The less you have to break up the space, the calmer and bigger it will look, skirting and paneling in white will distract the eye.

If you have already gone to the dark side, or are going to, post your pics on our facebook page. We’d love to see your own dark rooms!










If like us, the cold, dark evenings make you look forward to cosy evenings at home, here are 3 top tips to make your home as snug as a bug in a rug.

1. Add textures. Fluffy cushions and a cosy throw are inexpensive ways of adding warmth.
2. If you have laminate flooring (You can use rugs on top of carpet as well) either use a large rug of a few smaller rugs scattered around for added comfort.
3. If your room looks slightly clinical and sparse and you don’t like the idea of ornaments, adding plants will not only benefit your heath and well being but they will also add style and interest to your room.