Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)


Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)
Vinyl itself is a moisture resilient material, renowned for use in specific areas of the home such as, kitchens and bathrooms. Luxury Vinyl Tiles, however, offer the resilience of vinyl along with excellent durability (Luxury vinyl tiles come with extensive warranties, dependent on the quality of tile). It’s design properties in wood, stone, slate, metallic and abstract designs are available in both plank and tile formats. It features realistic surface textures and polyurethane reinforcement, making it ideal for commercial and residential sectors. Available in standard and slip resistant formats.

The ability to replicate real hardwoods and stones using advanced photographic technologies is the foundation of luxury vinyl flooring systems. There are four distinct layers fused together to produce the final product: a resilient vinyl backing, a vinyl colour layer, a photographic film layer, and a urethane or aluminium oxide top layer. The protective top layer also called the wear layer, is very important to the durability of the product.

Luxury vinyl tile floors are designed to capture the timeless look of natural stone tile flooring, wood planks and ceramic tile floors, while providing an extremely durable and comfortable surface for everyday living. Luxury vinyl tile flooring comes in many extremely fashionable designs ranging from contemporary to rustic and many feature deep embossing for stunning realism. Many of the luxury vinyl tile designs can be installed with grout or without grout, for a true stone or ceramic tile appearance.

We stock Luxury Vinyl Floor ranges such as:

  • Karndean

  • Polyfloor Camaro

  • Cavalio

  • Quickstep

Here are some pictures of Luxury Vinyl floors Supplied and fitted by Kingsland Carpets.